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East Coast Journal

The East Coast Journal is a new and expanding online publication of Buffalo Creek Designs, a website design company.


East Coast features PLACES from Key West to Maine, PEOPLE, FOOD, AND BOOKS. Our articles are written by published authors. Some are our clients. They share their recommendations and their own stories about life up and down the United States’ East Coast.

Our writers also introduce their own books, writing from their personal focus versus their publishers’ normal publicity focus. In addition, they recommend other books they have enjoyed or which have meant something important to them in their writing journeys.

We would love to hear from you, too! Tell us about local places, fabulous people, or delicious food you can recommend along the East Coast.

Editor, Michelle Gill
Photographer, Tess Flinchum

November 2021 edition

October 2021 edition

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Buffalo Creek Designs


Buffalo Creek Designs is a website design company located near Buffalo Creek in Virginia.

East Coast Journal was created to showcase my fabulous clients and their work. I worked for over 3 years travelling the state of Florida visiting resorts and restaurants as an event planner. Seeing a place as a local gives you a whole new insight into it's people, their towns, their food, and their stories.