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The name REBORN SOUTHERN JOY comes from my name which literally means Reborn Joy and I absolutely love the East Coast of the United States especially the South. I grew up in Roanoke, lived in Richmond, Williamsburg, Lynchburg, Salem, Crawfordville, Tallahassee, and even North Carolina for a minute. One of my jobs in Tallahassee for three and a half years required me to travel the state of Florida assessing resorts and planning events. I once drove from Florida to Hope, Maine in two days. What I remember from that trip is the sound of the loons on the lake at night, the Red's Eats lobster roll in Wiscasset, and a great recipe for fresh scallops from my friend's mom.


Having travelled to California, down to Texas, up to Maine, I never want to leave the South - the smell of the summer shade under the trees, the strum of bluegrass, Spanish moss like white Christmas lights, being close to the coast and in the view of the mountains, baking with family recipes, the sounds of the birds and the frogs at night, and slow talking.

I use this space, "the Editor's corner", to share my love of the South and family Southern recipes along with memories. You will also see my name as the author of a few ECJ articles; some tell my story to encourage and some to share others' stories for inspiration. That is the intention of the East Coast Journal. Everyone has a story and every story matters. Travel, food, and art, all help us create and tell our stories. 


Have a yummy family recipe that everyone loves? Share your own Southern recipe with me to be published in the Reborn Southern Joy section of the East Coast Journal. Email your recipe or East Coast story to


Michelle Gill, East Coast Journal editor

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