A Day with my Richmond favorites

5 of my favorite things in Richmond:

1 - the Linden Row Inn

We stayed at the Linden this visit. It is definitely one of my favorites in Richmond. There are long wooden porches with rocking chairs overlooking the center garden area. So much history in the wonderful large windowed place.

2 - Stella's Grocery

Just around the corner is Stella's Grocery and they have an espresso bar and local Richmond goodies. It was a new find for me and definitely a highlight of our quick trip.

3 - Trail Hut

Another shop definitely worth visiting that is close to the Inn is the Trail Hut. They have outdoor clothes and equipment on consignment housed in what looks like an old carriage house.

4 - Perly's

Perly's is a Jewish restaurant and delicatessen. It was originally opened in 1961 by Harry and Mary Perlstein who sold it in 1978 and the current owner has brought it back to the "traditional Jewish cuisine but with a modern flare".

The french toast was the best I have ever had in my life and the beef bacon, oh my! Everything was excellent. I want to drive back to Richmond just to eat there again and try more of their food.

5 - Poe Museum

Casi and I did not go there this trip, we took the tour at the Valentine's Museum so I could see the sculpture studio but last time I was in Richmond, April and I went to the Poe Museum and it is definitely a favorite of mine and probably most any writer.

What are some of your favorite spots in Richmond?

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