Oh so Yummy Nondairy Cappuccino

My first full time job was as a barista. Even as an event planner, a political consultant, and now a website designer I have continued to work at coffee shops for the love of people and coffee. I have "barista'd" at Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea, Williamsburg Coffee House, Land of a Thousand Hills, Little Green Hive, and I still volunteer at Chris's Coffee & Custard and help Beth create their coffee specials.

This is one of my favorite recipes that I created and drink almost every day:

2 shots of espresso (3oz)

steamed organic oat milk (4oz)

with a dash of organic cinnamon

1 tsp organic syrup

I use as much organic ingredients that I can in drink/food items but sometimes it is not possible. I have not found an organic espresso that I can use in my espresso machine. Since it is not a fancy one, it does not allow super fine coffee and the organics that I have tried were too fine and the water would not come through. I could grind my own but... If you know of a great organic espresso, let me know!

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